Wat is bepalend voor je succes?

Tennis Champions Are Responsible for their Success

How far an athlete gets in their career lies entirely in their hands. It has little to do with federations or coaching. Oh, the good old blame game…

The reasons why some don’t make it, blaming geographical position, tennis academies, federations, bad coaching, money, i can go on and on, all the reasons, all the excuses.

Understand that sport federations and tennis academies are for guidance, coaching, training and support. What they’re NOT RESPONSIBLE for is how far an athlete gets in their career.
In tennis, it seems to be around the ages of 15 that the blame game starts. Also the biggest stage of kids who drop out.

Yes, good coaching and money is needed to reach the top in a sport, but if you want it, you’ll find a way.

Fact: Every nation has ‘talent’, no matter how wealthy or poor they are.

It’s not the amount of cash in the federations bank, but the amount of ‘want’ in the athletes ‘tank’.

The biggest factor in an athlete reaching the top lies in the individuals hunger & passion. How much they are willing to work for it and live for it.

Did Grand Slam champions like Svetlana Kuznetsova or Novak Djokovic (photo – wall where he played as a kid) or Victoria Azarenka come from rich families, countries and federations? No. What they did come from was a relentless mentality to reach the top. They hustled, took risks and moved to other countries to develop their careers.

Djokovic practice wall 300x300 Tennis Champions Are Responsible for their Success

Understand that tennis federations are there for support of athlete, not the RESPONSIBILITY of them winning majors or Grand Slams.

That responsibility lies entirely with the athlete, not a tennis academy, system or federation. Stop the blame game. Simply put, If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way, not an excuse!


bron. Tennisconsult